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These sets are referred to as "chapters" or "tribes", with each reporting to an Inca, Cacíque, Enforcer and Regional Officer.

The head (or heads) of the entire criminal organization are known as "Coronas" (crowns in Spanish).

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"Dating" is not a relationship, it is a method people employ in our culture to get to know others of the opposite sex that was not employed in Biblical times.

Last year, national police forces conducted raids on other gangs with Latin American ties, including the El Salvador-born Mara Salvatrucha, along with the Latin Kings.

Latin Kings continue to portray themselves as a community organization while engaging in a wide variety of criminal activities, including assault, burglary, homicide, identity theft, and money laundering.

Latin King documents reveal that Gino Gustavo Colon (a.k.a.

Originally created with the philosophy of overcoming racial prejudice and creating an organization of "Kings," the Latin Kings evolved into a criminal enterprise operating throughout the United States under two umbrella factions—Motherland, also known as KMC (King Motherland Chicago), and Bloodline (New York).

All members of the gang refer to themselves as Latin Kings and, currently, individuals of any nationality are allowed to become members.

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