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Women feel secure with men who can provide for them.

Anthropologically, this is a natural instinct, just as men find certain traits in women attractive because they are signs of health.

It's a never-ending scenario, full of hopeful evenings and late mornings.

You go to bars, maybe painfully frequently, sit in the brightest corner making seductive eye contact and the entire male community invites you for drinks; then nothing happens.

Their physical appearance becomes of utmost importance, because this, in their view, is their way out.We are not, however, officially dating, and we haven't discussed it yet.I would really like to know more about male-female relationships in the Czech repbulic, and maybe how they contrast with relationships in the US.Czech women are increasingly able to do the same in the last 18 years, but I don't fault women for pursuing a stable lifestyle for their children anymore than I fault a man for finding a healthy-looking woman attractive.If you find this frustrating, you may as well find it frustrating that we have bad eyes or bad teeth. I'm going to correct my own grammar for those of you who are trying to learn English.

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Sorry to be so obvious, but this is a special interest of mine.

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