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We dive deep and discuss how to prevent all three from becoming a major problem: money, sex and the in-laws/kids.In this episode of the Bad Girl's Bible podcast, I talk to swinger Cooper S. Cooper explains in detail what swinging is, the steps a couple can take to safely explore it, how it can help your relationship (Sex Therapist Dr. We talk about everything from how to more easily reach orgasm during sex to getting over sexual shame and exploring new fantasies and ideas in the bedroom.Each week on the Bad Girl's Bible podcast, your host Sean Jameson interviews experts and professionals and everyone in between to teach you the tips and techniques you can use to improve your sex life and relationship or marriage.You'll also learn powerful insights on how to improve your dating and love life.If you currently struggle to orgasm when masturbating or during sex, then listen and learn what you need to do and what you need to STOP doing to start having powerful orgasms with ZERO ef Forrest Andrews joins me on the show today to discuss how prostate massage can lead to powerful 'Super' orgasms AND improve your man's health.If you are squeamish or nervous at the idea of exploring your man's backdoor, then you'll love this episode as The final episode in the 3 part series to give your man a perfect blow job.

This is part two of my three part series on how to give your man a perfect blow job.

Harding gleefully conjures up a brave new world of date-stamped profile pictures (if you're in your forties, that glowing university summer ball picture just won't do) and "real time" profiles.

Instead of tedious paragraphs about your GSOH (good sense of humour) and love of long walks, your profile will be linked to Facebook and Twitter, so prospective partners can check out your credibility with friends, and even what you did at the weekend.

It's lunchtime and lawyer Jane Kelly is busy tapping away at her laptop in a crowded City sandwich bar.

But she's not catching up with work, she's firing off an email to her date for the evening, a man she's never met but whose emails make her smile, as they arrange where and when to meet for a drink.

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Learn how to have intense clitoral & vaginal orgasms during sex with your man.

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