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Then owning All the trainers and pokemon of the Kas and Yas gyms with Thunder – Scyther, Electabuzz, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Machoke, Mankey, Raticate, Rhydon, Golem, Kingler – all roughly level 35.

Pidgeotto – Medium Slow - Level 22 – 7168 XP – After beating Meowth and Team Rocket and saving Hypno.

So, while reading the Pokemon Manga, I got interested in implementing the level system actually in world, so using Ash's travels I decided to use the games as a way to estimate his Pokemon's levels.

Currently, I've worked on it for about 6 hours, taking in each fight shown in the anime whether they be wild encounters, team rocket or trainer battles.

Now a hero twice over, Harry needs to get a way from it all, and in the process learn to control the instincts of the hunter within.Travelling the world, his world is turn upside down when he meets a peculiar Vampire in Los Angeles on a quest for redemption.He'd soon learn though, that his sworn nemesis wasn't quite done with him yet.And basing the level of enemy pokemon on rough estimates taken from encounters in game, like the average wild Tentacool being level 23, or Surge's Raichu being level 28.This is what I have so far: Pikachu – Medium Fast - Level 36 – 47,889Xp - After owning Scyther of the Yas Gym with a ketchup bottle.

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