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However, receiving files called video_5833.zip, video_6447or similarly is a clear sign that your contact’s account was victimized and the content provided in these files is harmful.However, Facebook malware has numerous versions with different features, including sending spam messages to contact lists, spreading fake contests in order to obtain user’s private information or even distribute malware.Unfortunately, the file “flash player.dmg” is infected.Because of the Youtube name mentioned in the alert, this variant was named as Youtube Facebook virus.Computer users report about Facebook video virus attacks all over the world.The new wave of the virus spreads as a message from one of the contacts via direct messages.Malware blocks user’s access to browser’s extensions.

Steps that you can use to fix your account and prevent distribution of malware are provided below.

Also, people can be redirected to Facebook sites promoting i Phone for 1 Euro.

This may happen after clicking on infected Google's search results links.

It’s unknown what information cyber criminals can access and what damage they might cause to the personal user’s information.

Therefore, victims are suggested to protect sensitive data.

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