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They failed miserably because of their lack of political leadership.

They later became obsessed with protecting themselves from the other non-crip alliance independent gangs in the community which began to increase violence and resistance towards the Crips.

Long Beach Rollin' 20's Crips are know to wear yellow and black in addition to blue. you dont your knowldge will guide youhow long you been with the C? day 2 aka the reserecutionhow many stars in the crip flag? with jacob on your lefthow do you walk down hoover lane?

Crips under the Neighborhood Card and the Avenue Crips are known to wear baby blue. Crips are known to have "Cards", which are alliances of certain Crip sets within the Crip alliance itself. staccin high and tall screamin peter paul till i fallhow do you walk down soloman street?

The Crips street gang alliance has significantly branched out of California and spread throughout the majority of the United States.

A 15 year old Fremont High School student named Raymond Washington started a gang called the Baby Avenues in 1969 in an attempt to be like the older gangs and copy the political activities carried out by other organizations such as the Black Panthers. a Los Angeles newspaper in a artical about young Cribs with canes, as if they were crippled.

They are mainly identified by the color blue which is worn proudly by their members.

Each Crip gang has significant differences, such as hand signs and colors.

Many Crip sets have names which include the name of their City, a street that runs through their turf, or the name of the projects or community they live in.

The Crips are an alliance of individual street gangs.

The Crips street gang alliance originated in Los Angeles, California.

Stanley Tookie Williams is one of the co-founders of the Crips. The Crips were very well known throughout southern L. In retaliation, all non-crip gangs, including the Pirus, later formed an alliance that eventually became known as the Bloods.

Along with a few other friends near his 78th Street home near Fremont High School, Stanley Tookie Williams and Raymond Washington created the Crips alliance with the initial intent of continuing the revolutionary ideology of the 1960s.

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The Crips strictly bang for their hood before any alliance and continously & viciously defend and try to expand their territories. -WHO U BKANG FORWATS UNDER YA BELT-HOW MANY BODIES U HAVEUSE YA KNOWLDGE-THINKPEEP YA KNOWLDGE-WRONG ANSWER5 ON DA GROUND-THROW DOWN BZ6 UP TOP-CZ UP6K5-BKLOOD KILLATRUE BLUE-CZ UPBLUE LIGHT-LOCC INTRU 6-REAL GANGSTAWISE LOC-KNOWS KNOWLEDGENOTHING LESS-FUCC ANYTHIN BUT CRIPWORD ON C-THA TRUTHBROTHERHOOD-UNITYHIGH C-GOOD JOBlet it rain let it drip u a slob or a crip bust a slobin his lip wacth his favorite color drip..historycrip-community-reform inner party soldiers, Started in febuary 1969When a member of the blacc panther party who name was bunchy carter.influenced an 18 yr old youth named gimel barnes to start up anorganization for the blacc youth in california.onthe streets of avalon on the eastside of watts gimel barnes met up wit a freindname raymond washington in efforts to put things together for the up commeingorganization.

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