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The company countersued Silva, alleging that she absconded with confidential "work product and training materials," and posted pictures of her on a jet ski to suggest she wasn't so injured after all.(Both sides agreed to drop the suits early last year.) Despite the controversy, the company subsequently attempted to streamline its bot-creation process."If I wanted to boost our revenue and move to the Cayman Islands, we could probably double our revenue simply by using bots," he says."And our bots would kick ass."he fact that AI con artists are up to such tricks isn't surprising or new.

You can read an article about the ongoing study by clicking here.

It’s the dirtiest secret of the billion online dating business and it stretches far beyond Ashley Madison.

"They're not the only ones using fake profiles," says Marc Lesnick, organizer of i Date, the industry's largest trade show. in mechanical engineering design from Stanford, Conru is among the smartest and most respected people in the online dating business.

The fact that men outnumber women on the site's heterosexual platform ten-to-one is just life, they figure, and the women on the site are seemingly active enough to keep the guys onboard.

For AFF, bots are a cop out, though the appeal of building them is obvious enough to Conru.

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