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Contrast this with today’s Japanese teenage sex habits.

According to the Japan Family Planning Association, 59 percent of women aged sixteen to nineteen have no interest in sex.

They implemented grand societal plans, attempting to codify rules and norms for all.

They individually carried out various experiments in dark bedrooms and closets. As Bernard Chapais comments in the journal Evolutionary Anthropology, “The human mating system is extremely flexible.” Indeed, it is.

Antibiotic- resistant bacteria spread, lilies take over ponds, and rabbits overwhelm.

So the notion that significant numbers of successful subgroups of a powerful and dominant species may choose not to have kids at all is truly unusual. Likely you indulged some of that curiosity, desire, and the occasional fantasy?There may be a monetary or political logic to these choices as well, but this trend is not a natural Darwinian pattern.It’s unnatural selection that as nations get richer, more comfortable, more relatively open, less violent, and better at educating women (female literacy is a good predictor of birth rate), they also choose a massive decline in their current population.But this change may be too little too late; young couples feel it is normal to be an only child and fear the coming burden of caring for aging parents.So China is beginning to follow the patterns of South Korea and Japan; in these countries it’s not legal restrictions on childbearing but rather expensive real estate, brutal education policies, lack of child- support networks, a desire for more personal freedom, and changing social norms that are rapidly shrinking overall populations.

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