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As others have noted, the book focuses so much on sex that it can create the impression that it’s the most important element of marriage.Also, as I’ve noticed before, Mark has the tendency to project.Mark also misses the point when he praises Martin Luther and his wife Katherine because “they set in motion a model for Christian faith and maturity through marriage, sex, and children, rather than through singleness and celibacy,” a position that wholly discounts the apostle Paul’s high praise for celibacy in 1 and 2 Corinthians.I don’t know why Christians keep fighting over which is better—singleness or marriage—when it seems rather obvious, both from Scripture and from Church history, that both can glorify God.And so I believe we all bear some responsibility for creating an environment in which controversial Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll can write a book about sex and marriage that tops the Amazon bestseller list.Given Driscoll’s alarming preoccupation with sex and “masculinity,” and the immaturity with which he has addressed these subjects in the past, one would think Christians would approach this book the way they would approach a book about nutrition written by a pastor who struggles with obesity...(or a book about overcoming procrastination written by me!In addition, Pastor Mark provides us with a few of his classic face-palm-inducing quotes:“The previous church I had attended was Catholic, with a priest who seemed to be a gay alcoholic. 9“We did have mediocre sex that eventually resulted in five children and one miscarriage.” - p.

It’s no secret that I’ve expressed concerns over Driscoll’s teachings and antics in the past, particularly those that encourage the bullying of men who don’t fit into Driscoll’s macho-man mold, but I tried to approach this book with an open in mind, and indeed I found some pleasant surprises in.

” which has scandalized so many people with its advice on everything from oral sex, to role playing, to sex toys really isn’t that shocking to me.

It seems like common sense that couples should feel free to engage in such activities if both partners enjoy them, so long as they don’t become obsessions.

Because his wife was abused in the past, he believes that the majority of women were abused in the past.

Because he and Grace struggled with their sexual relationship, he believes that most couples struggle with their sexual relationship.

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He does a much better job of emphasizing mutuality in sexual relationships than he has in the past, (though I’ve never quite understood why so many complemementarians insist on hierarchal-based relationships in which wives submit to their husbands “in everything,” while simultaneously acknowledging the importance of mutuality when it comes to sex..that’s a topic for another day).

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