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A good company compatible with my nature: my spirit is jovial, optimistic, loves good humor, is open to learn and consider new ideas, points of view and experiences (specially exotic food, the most delicious way of sampl.. Someone who likes to laugh, travel, movies, theatre, dancing, and loves good conversation.

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He also had stated publicly that he been in contact with an alleged pro-Russian Romanian hacker codenamed Guccifer.

Thus, Obama, his FBI and/or intelligence agencies broke into the presidential campaign of Donald J.

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Yes, the actions of the Obama administration, furthered by the criminally minded FBI, NSA, CIA and DIA, run by the Deep State, committed acts of criminality far worse than Watergate, especially given the hugely enhanced spying technology of these agencies 44 years later.

The apparent leaked reason: Manafort was allegedly thought to be colluding with the Russians to prejudice and influence the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, whom Obama and his lackeys wanted to see elected president.

By so doing, Comey, Alexander, Brennan and/or Clapper, with President Obama’s obvious knowledge, complicity and at his likely direction, sought to spy on the inner workings of the Trump campaign and to indirectly wiretap presidential candidate Donald J. In addition, persons in and around Trump and Manafort, such as adviser and longtime confidant Roger Stone, who had likely recommended Manafort to Trump – Stone having been Manafort’s partner years earlier at the Republican lobbying and political advisory firm of Black, Manafort, Stone, Kelly, and later also Davis – would also be caught up in the wiretaps, not to mention others such as Gen. Stone, for one, had bragged about his contacts with Wiki Leaks and forecast that it would soon be releasing information damaging to Hillary Clinton.

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There was something fishy here including the purchase of Hotmail by Microsoft.

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