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It helped us set our own traditions as a new couple. It wasn't easy for him either — marrying a divorced mother of three brings its own challenges.

Shaun had to accept that my children come first and that I sometimes did things he didn't approve of — like helping my youngest when he runs out of money.

When we first said hello to each other, I felt this odd shiver down my spine. But the truth is that because I was getting married, I would never have considered looking at anyone else.

It wasn't just that he was tall, blond, and extremely handsome. Or that we were able to immediately talk as though we'd known each other for years. I'm often asked if I felt attracted to Shaun at the beginning. If I hadn't been engaged, I would have been very flattered if he'd asked me out. I never considered myself to be good-looking; my best feature was my blond hair but, that was about it.

When people ask how I met my husband Shaun, I always feel slightly embarrassed.

Shaun on the other hand, had left a trail of broken hearts behind him — and continued to do so. We introduced him to her sister and for a whole year, it seemed serious. After my first marriage ended (for reasons which are too personal to discuss but which were not prompted by Shaun), I moved into a house with my youngest son who was then 14. It was a very tough time for us all and had come after a great deal of soul-searching and pain.

I've also learned not to tidy his clothes: he can't bear me to touch any of his things as he likes to do it himself. But the best thing that has happened is that we are now grandparents.

This took some getting used to, but actually it's rather nice not to iron shirts any more! My daughter and her husband gave birth to a beautiful little girl a year ago, and this has helped to bring us all together.

This was partly because Shaun's home was in the north and we were still working out where to live.

I have to say that I did find this hard but in hindsight, it gave us both time to adjust.

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He also looked after them when my first husband and I went away once. Shaun and a male cousin of mine were very kind about coming around to help after that. At first, I was really worried, as I didn't want to lose Shaun as a friend.

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