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That resulted in the 19-year-old being charged with manufacturing child pornography, distribution of child pornography and child abuse as a result of the physical violence.The situation is something the Radosevich describes as teen dating violence."The willingness to step up and say that domestic violence is wrong, is not normal, and to be able to protect somebody in our community from domestic violence is a huge victory," said Roberta Radosevich, Executive Director for Haven House in Rio Rancho.According to New Mexico's statutes, it's not the sexual relationship between the two teens that was wrong.

By these excisions of territory Taos became the smallest of the counties of New Mexico, whereas it was originally among the largest. This line connects with, die New Mexico Eastern near Willard.

The post headquarters were located in the west end of the present Old Town. General Carleton made his home in a part of the Catholic parochial residence. Stover, formerlv lieutenant-srovernor of Kansas, located in Old Albuquerque in 1877. The Indian uprising of 1865-6 prevented the ful- fillment of his commission, and in 1866 he stopped in Santa Fe. Many years afterward their location was described to Major Whiting, who found them under about eighteen inches of earth, though the officers informed him that they had been buried several feet deep. The Atchison, To- peka & Santa Fe Company commenced the construction of the Eastern Railwav of New Mexico, known as the ■'Cut-oft'," in 1903, and completed it in the winter of 1906-7. Manuel Sanchez y Sanchez : treasurer, William Mcintosh ; assessor, Parfecto Jaramillo Towns of the County. Be- tween the three, as is well expressed by a "'special correspondent." "if any- thing good gets around Torrance county, it will have to hurry." The town of Willard. Mountainair is located at the summit of Abo Pass, fifteen miles west of Willard, on the Belen Cut-Off.

Benjamin Stevens, who had been living in California, came across the country from Utah with the Fifth United States Infantry as wagon master, and after leaving the service practiced law in town. Carleton, who afterward commanded the historic "California Column." was commandant of the post for some time before the war, and was very popular among the American residents. He was promoted to a captaincy May 6, 1864, and at the close of the war was brevetted major "for meritorious service in front of Petersburg and at the battle of Five Forks." At the close of the war Major Whiting joined the staff of the New York Herald, and was sent by that paper on a trip through Xew Mexico, Arizona and California. The guns had been the property of the Federal government, but were captured by disloyal Texans at the outbreak of the war. The line from Torrance to Roswell has been located and the plats filed with the secretary of the Territory. The first lot was sold three days after the incorporation of the company, and the first school was opened in November.

b 978.9 H62a v.2 1195091 GENEALOGY COLLECTION FN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY niiiiiiniiiiiiii 3 1833 01105 3755 HISTORY New Mexico Its Resources and People ILLUSTRATED VOLUME II 9 7%. LOS ANGELES CHICAGO NEW YORK 1907 Copyright 1907 BY PACIFIC STATES PUBLISHING CO. legislature of the Territory, New Mexico was divided into the counties • of Taos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, San Miguel. In the genesis and development of the counties of the Territory there is the interest which attaches to all creative works, whether material, literary, artistic or political, and it is the purpose in the following para- graphs to relate briefly how the inner boundaries of New Mexico assumed their present form. The first lots were purchased on the first of the month by Maden Brothers, and the second sale was made to Ullery & Zeigler. A block of ground 300 feet square has been donated for a court house and county offices, and the New Mexico Fuel &• Iron Company have enclosed sixty acres around die Estancia Springs, with the intention of donating the tract for park and municipal purposes, when the place shall have been incorporated. Iowa, has lately located a colony of old soldiers at Mcintosh, in the valley north of Estancia. Hawkins ; treasurer, William Mcintosh ; secretary, J. Willard is the natural trading point of a splendid grazing country, and the entire tributary country is a large producer of wool, sheep, cattle and horses. The site of Mountainair is controlled by the Abo Land Company.

By act of January 9, 1852, passed at the second session of the first -. The bounds of the original counties remained practically the same as under the old Mexican regime. He has also filled the offices of probate clerk, county assessor, superintendent of schools, justice of the peace and LJnited States commissioner, having occupied the latter office for more than thirty years. It is also worthy of note that General Longstreet, the distinguished officer of the Civil war, was serving as major and paymaster at Albuquerque at the outbreak of hostilities. In November, 1880, following the completion of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad to a point opposite the Old Town of Albuquerque, the site of the present city was surveyed and platted under the direction of the New Mexico Town Company. The officials of Albuquerque, while it was governed under the system of town -government, were as follows : Mayors.— 1885. It crosses the Santa Fe Central at Willard and the El Paso Northeastern at Llano. — The first Board of Commissioners of Torrance count)- was appointed by the governor, their service extending over 1904-5. The roundhouse and machine shops of the railway company are 894 HISTORY OF NEW MEXICO located here, and the town lias become the shipping point for thousands of lambs, who are annually transported to alfalfa districts for fattening, or to other feeding grounds in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska, with the advent of cold weather. Although not yet incorporated, the town contains a good school house, and the Baptists and Methodists are about to build churches. Besides the above, there is the Estancia Valley Development Association, organized, as its name indicates, with the purpose of exploiting the entire region, and of which John W. It is about twenty-five miles from the Manzano mountains, and it lies at an altitude of over 6,000 feet. In this vicinity are the famous ruins of the ancient towns of \lio and Ouarra which form a group with the Gran Quivera. The last named, however, are over the line in Socorro county.

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The legislature of 1880 slightly changed the boundary between Taos and Rio Arriba counties, and in 1884 San Juan county was formed from the western part of the latter, thus giving it essentially its present boundaries. made with the Lordsburg & Hachita and the Arizona-New Mexico railroads. $8oo.ootbcr properties of the company occupying the upper basin of the mineral bearing zone of Hanover Gulch.

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