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Next, you will learn how to get data back from Firebase.

While writing to Firebase is fun, the real magic is in getting messages from other people to display in realtime.

You're going to be using HTML, plain Java Script and CSS to develop the application.

In this step, you wrote data to Firebase from your web app.

All clients that are connected to your app will see new messages appear as they are added in real-time.

To demonstrate that, open your web app in a second browser window.

Since we can build a Firebase app with HTML, CSS, and Java Script, all of the code for our app will be in one file. Copy and paste the following into an file in your workspace directory: Okay, we're ready to create an object that will be a reference to our Firebase database.

We'll use this reference to read and write data from our Firebase database.

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, we overwrite the value at our Firebase location each time we call it.

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