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Wow, two days in a row with a drama review and if you're (un)lucky then tomorrow may be looking at episode four of "Bemars".Mentioned yesterday that I'd like to start going back to reviewing more shows, one reason for the slowdown, besides my laziness, has been a lack of good shows lately.At the conclusion of the episode Shota meets up with them and now it's he who is jealous as he notices things are going back to the way they once were with them.Shota kind of gets back at Miura in the last minute as he says to Akari that he needs to work early tomorrow and can he stay at her apartment again, she naturally agrees to that bringing us to the conclusion for this episode.Much shorter recap but for the most part explained almost everything that happened, then again don't like giving away too much in case you're planning on watching it.Through two episodes it's been an okay watch, these kinds of dramas aren't my faves but for me any show that has in it is worth a viewing.Unsure of how it's going to happen but you do have an inkling of who Akari is going to end up with, that's okay as long the story stays interesting.Wouldn't call it overly interesting but then again the episodes haven't dragged at all and seem to fly by, have to say so far it's been enjoyable, hope it stays that way for the remaining eight episodes.

This was a surprise to Miura who had no clue what happened to Akari and for that matter to Shota, while the trio was close in school he hadn't seen either one of them for seven years, Miura's dream was to be an architect, he did get a degree in that field but even though he was working as one it was for a small company where he was just delegated to doing menial tasks.This time Azumi (Sasaki) and his team have to work together to solve various cases under the shadow of Tokyo Sky Tree in Oshiage, Tokyo.Actor Hashizume Isao has been added to the main cast and portrays a local doctor.Things weren't the same for the two as they had many, many ups and downs during their time together but eventually it seems their older feelings were coming out.Instead of the date ending after the movie the pair stayed together talking about many issues in their life and other things, almost looks Akari is once again a better fit for Miura than she is for Shota.

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Meanwhile Shota had quite a bright future as he's been studying to be a doctor, he's almost finished with his internship at this time.

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