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Something Awful, also known simply as SA, is a comedy website hosting a variety of content, including blog entries, forums, feature articles, digitally edited pictures, and humorous media reviews.Since its inception, the website has helped to perpetuate various Internet phenomena, and has been cited as an influence on Internet culture.Despite the disclaimer contained in the (archived, archives account required for view) initial thread in the Something Awful Forums ("DISCLAIMER: DO NOT INVADE THIS SHIT YOU FUCKERS. JUST POINT AND LAUGH",) vandalism ramped up when the link to the site was chosen as the SA Awful Link of the Day on the same day.At one point, pages were being maliciously edited every 45 seconds.of mocking the furry fandom, including pranks, organized trolling, and individual harassment of users themselves in places such as Live Journal, message-boards, and various furry websites.While the administrators of the SA forums do not officially condone the actions taken, and that they almost never take any action unless legal action could be directed towards SA itself, many goons take it upon themselves to troll social media, personal and furry media websites, and/or their forums.The furries who spammed -- and many others who didn't, but were labeled anyway for humorous effect, such as user Procrasturbator -- were placed in this sub-forum if deemed to be incredibly annoying.

Many trolls, goons, other furries and anti-furries alike began to visit, stick around to chat, harass the users for being furries or use the channel as a make-shift portal to troll other channels on the IRC network.In January 2003, JJcool J, a now ex-forum member and somewhat excommunicated from the furry community, organized users from the now defunct #safurs channel on Fur Net to spam an internal forum called "FYAD," or "Fuck You and Die" with furry porn.Lowtax, after getting rather annoyed with having the obtuse-humored sub-forum filled with even more horrendous furry spam, created the Furry Concentration Camp, a sub-forum which acted much like FYAD, but disconnected furries from the main forum, with the apparent intent to discourage furries from spamming the site with unrelated and offensive images and other memes.It should be noted that since the meme of Trolling furries has become somewhat passé, there have been increasing numbers of Furry fans that have taken to participating in the SA forums themselves.their motives are unknown, but considering the primarily humorous nature of the site itself, one can only guess that it's for entertainment.

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