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If you are trying to play games she will notice, and probably lose interest in you.You need to find a middle ground between being completely unattainable and being totally dedicated to her. Let her know that you value her opinion and pay attention to what she has to say. Don’t play games As I said before, there’s nothing wrong with playing a little hard to get.

The thing is, if you are afraid of making the first move, chances are that the girl you’re interested in is just as afraid as you are, and is waiting for you to do something. I promise that it won’t be so difficult after a while. Take care of yourself You need to like yourself: if you don’t nobody will.But there is an ocean between being your own person with some dignity and an opinion and playing games.In my opinion there’s nothing worse that someone who calculates every single move and forgets to be herself on the way.Finally, an online dating website for lesbian singles looking for a date, love, romance, even a long-term commitment!is the new lesbian dating site that has already attracted millions of lesbian women.

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