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This canyon is on the list of 25 most significant world natural heritage sites. Just near Bi H near Šćepan polje it is joining river Piva, and together river Drina is formed.

Drina flows into Sava which then flows into Danube which is confluent of Black Sea basin.

Montenegro was the first state in Europe which introduced postal services distributed with state car. This car was purchased in Paris, produced by the firm "Delahaye".

It was ten seater, hard rubber tires and motor with 16 horsepower.

Ova knjiga vas uvodi u R, RStudio i tidyverse – skup paketa za R koji rade zajedno da bi statistička obrada i analiza podatak...

više detalja vama je drugo izdanje ove knjige objavljeno pod pokroviteljstvom ­izdavačke kuće Mikro knjiga.

Locals at that time called the car "Karoča (carriage) without horses which screams on the road" and "miracle of iron".

During its watercourse Tara cuts one of the deepest canyon cliffs in the world, for more than 78 km in lenght.

Her vertical steep sides are more than 1300 meters tall, which makes Tara canyon deepest in Europe. It springs from the bottom of mountain Komovi and is constituted from streams Opasanica and Veruša and melting snow and seasonal rains.

Pored poglavlja koja objašnjavaju gramatiku i nj...

So far, speleologist have discovered about 11,750 square meters of underwater corridors. Also, over 45 indor lakes are considered a special attraction.

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In it was the Prince de Bourbon, son of Don Carlos, the Spanish pretender who served in imperial - Russian Guard.

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