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He finds love in the arms of Tanya, a pretty blonde with whom he seems to share a lot in common.

As their relationship begins to blossom, problems arise with the pill's effectiveness.

At the introduction of each character, a graph is presented on screen to show where he/she stand on the scale between homosexual, and heterosexual, or "no data present".

The plot focuses on the life of the leading character, Tim, who finds himself 33 years old, gay and alone.

The DVD also offers some nice extra features, including (1)a conversation with writer/director John Baumgartner and actor Jonathan Slavin, (2) An outtake reel, (3) "Making of Hard Pill", a behind the scenes featurette, and (4) Original Theatrical Trailer.

Filming, audio, video, casting, acting, directing, scripting and everything else was excellent in my opinion and I highly recommend this film with two thumbs and two big toes waving in the air!

I really found no down side to "Hard Pill" with exception of maybe the ending.A movie from 2005 that asks a profound and extreme moral question, if a pill could make a gay person straight would they take it?The movie does a fair representation of the struggles being gay for several people and the impact on the straights around them. Tim works at a small company with co-workers Sally and flamboyantly gay Joey.There is something here for every viewer, gay or straight.You are sure to find one character you most identify with, and who's personal struggle hits home to you in a big way.

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Success depends on breaking ties with all his old acquaintances, and Tim must chose between his old life and relationships, or the new love and happiness he has found.

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