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Its living standards are comparable to those of countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Fifty-seven percent of Yemen’s 12 million children are chronically malnourished, according to UNICEF—the highest level of malnutrition in the world after Afghanistan. Sana’a, an ancient city surrounded by steep mountains, will likely become the first capital in the world to run out of water.

As the Houthis sweep south with heavy weapons, toppling towns and battling for territory with Al Qaeda militants, female activists such as Karman fear the women’s rights agenda is being sidelined. Two thousand years ago, one of the world’s most prosperous kingdoms ruled the area east of Sana’a.

The kingdom of Saba, called Sheba in the West, and home of the Biblical queen who was Yemen’s first and most famous ruler, was a lush agricultural region irrigated by canals from a vast man-made dam.

The Romans called Yemen “Arabia Felix,” or Happy Arabia.

Today Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East.

Years of civil war, corruption, and mismanagement have left the country in ruins. There are no penalties for domestic violence in Yemen. Those who do manage to receive an education—the wealthy and the fortunate—still need their brothers’ or fathers’ permission to travel, to enroll in school, or to marry.

While an elite of army generals, oil barons, and hotel owners help themselves to the nation’s remaining resources, the rest go hungry. There is no legal minimum age for marriage, so a quarter of all girls are married before they turn fifteen—some as young as eight or nine—and grow up to bear on average six children. A Yemeni proverb says, “A girl leaves the house only twice, to her husband and to her grave.”Tawakkol Karman was born into a family of devout Muslims in the central city of Taiz in 1979, the same year Ali Abdullah Saleh came to power through a military coup.

In Yemen, women marshaled rallies, slept in protest camps, went on hunger strikes and covered the unrest as bloggers and photographers.As a young woman, Karman was pious; she wore a niqab, the black, face-covering veil, to school and kept a copy of the Koran by her bed.On Fridays, when her brother Tariq, an aspiring poet, left for the mosque, Karman would hitch up her robe and run after him to join him for prayers.“Sisters,” she turned to a small group of women on the edge of the crowd, “now is the time for women to stand up and become active without asking for permission. Saleh still had the support of his army, his tribe, of the United States and of Saudi Arabia.Women are no longer victims—they have become leaders. He had ruled Yemen for thirty-two years, dodged coups and assassination attempts, and survived a civil war.

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The UN has warned Yemen is at risk of famine, with 76 percent of the population in need of humanitarian aid.

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